Responsible Mind Integrity

My decisions have consequences.
Live with them, honor them, respect them.

The upcoming essays are suggestive only. Many of the ideas and concepts are a reflection of my personal experience through life, readings, and interpretations. I promise the reader useful insights to questioning limiting beliefs and expanding your awareness and understanding.

Each essay is a one page consolidation of broad topics condensed into segments. There is no way possible to express all of these concepts in such an abbreviated version, however, I attempt to pack as much relevant information that I understand presently. The beauty is that my understanding is continually being enlightened and is subject to change as I live and experience more.

Rest assured that these are solely my opinions and beliefs. They should not be acknowledged and accepted as absolute truth. Any education should be viewed under this kind of scrutiny. I am not a saint, philosopher, or guru. I am a man that has experienced and learned many things and want to give back, so that you can save time and energy of not having to go through rigorous trial and error.

I respect my readers and will do my best to honor and be as honest as I can. These blogs are also meant to spark an interest and shift in attitude which in turn will change your behavior and actions toward the goals you want to achieve. I am excited for this opportunity to express these ideas in a format which will leave the reader to investigate this information for themselves and come to there own conclusion as to their validity.

I understand my mission is to help awaken a new perspective or attitude for the problem drinker, excessive social drinker, or if you will, the alcoholic. You will decide and identify where you fit. My goal is to provide an awareness to enhance communication within yourself which can open the door to truly understanding yourself.

We do what we see others do. If I can help an individual with such an important role in the lives of others, then I view my work as beneficial. These essays are not only information for the reader, but for me to commit to my recovery and expose to myself what works in my life as a recovered alcoholic. It also holds me accountable to practice what I believe and become consistent in a one day in time mind-set.

Psychology and Spirituality is the foundation of human behavior. My mind-set is the structure of my behavior. What I want to do is enhance Responsible Integrity. Through honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness, great discoveries can be made. All I ask for is the willingness to volunteer your time briefly and be open to suggestion. I guarantee that there is truth contained in these entries because it has been lived and practiced.

Lastly, I am proud of many accomplishments, yet I am humbled in spirit to know that none of this would be possible without support from family and a deep trust in a power that allows me to grow daily. I feel it’s important to remember that even though competition to be the best is highly valued, I understand that without cooperation, nothing worth value is meaningful.

Enjoy the happening of life. Genuine Recovery is my one day voyage in time. All I get is one day to be at my best and not pick up the drink. In the process, I can come out with a better understanding of who I am and what I want from life. My intent is to give you a greater appreciation for your life and the choices you get to make. Live simply sober and miracles happen.

Genuine Recovery is Responsible Integrity

My name is Martin.

 I lived the pleasurable and destructive active alcoholic life for over 30 years.  The last 15 years of the chronic disease in mostly solitude. I used it everyday. Does this sound familiar? 

6 am … I’m never drinking again.

Noon … I’m definitely not drinking tonight.

5 pm … Forget it – I’m having a drink!

 No, I was not a blackout drinker, although did experience that phenomena in the early days.  I did not receive drunk driving tickets, although more than likely would have qualified if I was caught.  Alcohol was my friend and I experienced the euphoria of laughter and celebration. 

Eventually, I did not understand that alcohol was a cunning, baffling, and powerful foe. I was living my life in my mind and by myself. It consumed me, isolated me, eroded my dignity and self respect.  Why then did I decide to stop? Well in hind sight, I believe I was guided into that decision physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

Being hopeless, I needed structure and principles to live by that would hold me accountable and give me the strength and understanding to live sober one day at a time.  I found this by voluntarily letting go and setting a recovery goal of self-improvement and towards rebuilding my character. I was led to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

 It was here that I went through a 12 step process which challenged me to honestly, openly, and willingly explore my present and past and eventually call it good.  I’ve learned to pick up the pieces of shattered dreams. This was a long process and is still continuing.  At this present time, I have been alcohol free for many years.  I do not say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that it is possible to make a lasting change with desire, commitment, perseverance, help from others, and guidance from a power greater than myself that was and is always with me one step and one day in time.  

Trusting myself with a power or source of the universe is the bedrock to my faith.  My understanding of this source, energy, force, vibration, frequency, light is always being revealed into my awareness moment by moment, day to day. I will never understand it, but I know that I don’t need to know. I just trust and have faith in it.

AA has been a blessing in my life, however, it does come with its downfalls.  I have never been a person to make a religion out of anything, even A.A.  Some do and that has turned off many to its program.  Stereotypes and myths and words like cult are also associated with AA.  It is an eighty-five year old organization. So, with anything there are strengths and weakness and reputations. I have discovered that living a principled centered life which includes gratitude and praise for others, can allow me to be an open channel for God’s expression.

Maturity is a quality. Maybe this is unfair but it “comes with the dinner.” Why?  Your character is what you are, your perception or personality is what others see and think about you.  Another quality is leadership. A leader must possess congruence or alignment.

When you look at relationships, everything begins with ultimate trust. Trust is built over consistency and time. You can be a great person; I can be a great coach. If we don’t trust each other, nothing else matters.  Saying and doing what I mean is Responsible Integrity.  Your interactions with others depends on what you do; and what others see you do repeatedly.  

Early in my life, I had a baseball coach named Jim R.  One day before our team was formed a players dad mentioned that he smoked and drank.  Our very first practice as we were gathered together, the first words out of his mouth were, “I’m a drinker and I smoke cigarettes.”  Wow, was my first reaction and I noticed others taken aback as well.  A valuable lesson was transmitted to me all of these years later and that was: “Know who I am, and be honest with myself.” You see, Coach Jim didn’t keep secrets and neither should you.

It has been said that your secrets will make you sick and eventually they will be revealed to others.  It is better to tell and live the truth because it is harder to remember a lie.

My primary focus is to give, support, teach, guide, encourage, and inspire you to better choices with daily action. A clearer understanding will be developed as you practice these steps and principles and methods of communicating with yourself.

One day, I awakened to the truth that I was drinking primarily because of a spiritual malady and distorted self image, in which I had a hard time accepting myself and my past. I also had developed a physical craving which would increase the more I drank.  My own self will could not make me stop for any measurable length of time. 

Through my process with AA, by fearlessly taking a moral inventory, sponsorship and attending over 1000 meetings; I have gained a wealth of experience that I want to give to you. 

I have distinguished the difference between hearing and listening. Giving and receiving. I fully understand that there is only a daily reprieve from alcohol. I must remain vigilant with the decision to stop, because I see and feel what the consequences are if I lapse for a moment. The next drink is only an arm lengths away. Today, the compulsive desire has been lifted from me because I chose help from a power far greater than me. I not only trust it, but rely on it. I still have to be aware and be spiritually fit in asking for grace and humility from my source.

I am providing information experience that saves you time, labor, and is the bridge from AA that links you, the coach, to the character you want to be for your players. Genuine Recovery is Responsible Integrity which can lead to soundness of mind if properly nurtured. 

All I ask for is willingness, honesty, and an open mind.  As stated earlier, maturity is the most important trait for the leader and for your interactions with others.  You can be fake for six hours a day with others, but what are you going to do or be in the other eighteen hours? You cannot live in an immature fashion. You are always facing adversity and must respond and thrive in spite of it. Self care and personal responsibility are important. I cannot live one way in private and be transparent in another. Life is one indivisible whole.

A psychic change or spiritual experience is required for any lasting long term sobriety. It also requires daily maintenance of certain fundamentals and practices. One day in time is all we have.  Therefore, allow me to spark your enthusiasm and shed some light to darkness about the consequences of alcoholism. Our relationship will build Trust with Honor and Dignity. It is vital to remain connected.  Genuine Recovery gives us the connection.  

AA is a spiritual program of suggested practices which have recovered millions of alcoholics.  It really works.  Genuine Recovery is a channel. I have experienced the fellowship of AA and practiced and live the steps in my daily life to my best ability.  You won’t have to go to 1000’s of meetings to gain access to relevant insight and strategies to help keep you sober, one day at a time.  It never hurts to try the program and find a group that works for you.

AA is truly a valuable resource to stop drinking. It is up to you!  Your choice. Your commitment. Your desire. Your life! Anonymity will be the spiritual foundation. Understanding is the platform which will progressively change as time passes. I ask for you to do your best. That’s all anyone can expect of you. 

Remember that to be willing is not enough, we must apply. And knowing is not enough either, we must do.

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