Time is a measure of Change.

Alan Watts

It all begins Now. In Genuine Recovery, my sobriety time is the ever-present realization that I do not drink today. Longevity is a future and past concept — it doesn’t exist.

There is no such thing as tomorrow or yesterday. There never will be because time is always happening now. I find there is only present, only an eternal now and a natural order of time. Time is a measure. Everything else is a memory or illusion. For me, time, This I Must Earn; is One day, this day. The past is the result of the present.

Time is of vital essence, it is life. It is important to understand that time is a mental construct. My perception of time is what time means to me. My interpretation of life experiences really constitutes on how I evaluate time. Since my time is a now experience, how do I make the best use of it?

My values determine how I invest my time. My relationships, health, time, and information are manifestations of time.

Maturity is a process where willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness where my sense of self does not interfere with the growth process of myself or another.

When I can balance courage and consideration, and treat others with respect, dignity, and honor, I am behaving mature. I must value myself and my emotional independence in order to give what I desire in exchange from others. This is a transactional phenomena which involves time.

Acting with courage is to do the things I can do something about, and might also mean no action at all. Patience or waiting is time. How I choose to interpret it is up to me. My consideration for others and respecting myself are always important characteristics to consider.

Individuals watch and listen for character in people and can more often feel genuine humility, power, or whatever persona you project to the world.

When I live in a manner of consistency—my behaviors, actions and attitudes are aligned, this is Responsible Integrity. Lasting trust is built over time and can be lost or fractured in an instant.

When contemplation and action are in synch with each other, I can be in a spirit of humility and act out of inspiration. My actions appear to produce results that I am satisfied with. What is most important to me at any particular moment is what I will focus my attention on.

Therefore, it could be said that my attention is time. All any of us truly possess is our time and energy. And the beautiful part is that we never know how much of it we have left.

There could be no time without conscious thought that it exists. My thoughts, feelings, attitudes are affecting time.

All the time in the universe can only be experienced in now moments or better yet, instant happenings. It is like we are casting seeds (thoughts) in anticipation that they will materialize at a future time.

Would it not be practical or wise to recognize that what I hold in my mind manifests? Understanding that everything has a ripple effect or consequence allows me to be more self aware.

What is very interesting to me is that the amount of time you are investing reading this blog (and hopefully more), is only a fraction of the time I invested writing it.

I value this medium of the written word so much, that I am willing to dedicate my lifetime, effort, and knowledge to share it with you, so that you can save time and gain knowledge.

I also understand that what I understand today may be obsolete in the future. I know that I don’t know! Fascinating isn’t it.

If you view your life as a game, ie. golf or baseball, there is no time clock Why? It is structured in a way that now moments or happenings are constantly being fulfilled.The game is one of discipline and precision. Each play or sequence is of its own nature. That is the freedom and beauty of baseball or golf.

I prefer to reference life today as a dance. Much variety in movement and yet no particular spot on the floor to aim at, just trust and flow.

Life can be viewed with this same attitude as well. There is a natural order (man) and eternal order (spiritual) of time; both interpretations from man.

Yet, as Nicholas Tesla, Albert Einstein and amongst countless others have proved; time is energy, frequency, and vibration. The key is to live in all at the same time. All now.

Today, I see my life as art, like music in which you play. The discipline of art is learning to be harmonious and in rhythm with life. To sense the patterns and move with the highs and lows.

Enjoy and make the best Of your time, because it is really all you have.

Time is the trainer of waiting and trusting yourself. To merge the balance of action and inaction. This is done mentally, physically, and spiritually by DECISION. It is forming a perspective that, “this too shall pass.” The madness and compulsion to drink will pass. From this now moment, you never have to have another drink.

It has been said that time management is pain management. Invest your time in activities that heal and make you as healthy mentally, emotionally, and create an environment for conditions that connect you with growth.

This is a decision made in an instant, only requiring that you obey your commitment and dedication to seeing the fundamentals of sobriety are met on a daily basis.

One day in time is a mantra needed for Genuine Recovery. There is no cure for alcoholism only a twenty-four hour reprieve. The choice is always yours in any moment, as well as the unintended consequences you will have face in the future based on your decisions in the moment.


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