Zeal is Enthusiasm

Martin Santos

The State of Mind linking you to God: Enthusiasm

In Genuine Recovery, much is mentioned about faith and trust.  Yes, these are two essential qualities and states of mind that must be felt and experienced for any lasting change and growth in sobriety. In today’s brief blog I will explore the where and why of inspiration.

Zeal is another word to describe enthusiasm. It is the moving force of energy behind all action.  Enthusiasm is an activity that we not only create, but a power we need get into flow with. In Star Wars, Yoda said: “May the force be with you!” This mantra still has everlasting meaning today.  Getting myself to take action requires enthusiasm.  Zeal is the mighty dynamic force that moves a body into motion.  It is the feeling of well being or highest happiness.

Being aware of the experience of zeal is based in gratitude.  Zeal is the fervor of joy and excitement of what exists for you now.  It is a power of movement or feeling that is difficult to describe in words.  How do I release zeal?  Through praise and thanksgiving.  It is the opposite of complaining and self-pity.  Praise releases an energy that draws forth the excellence of our highest good.  It goes before you and makes the crooked ways straight.  Nothing great has ever been accomplished without this universal energy.

If I want a new experience, I need to become a zealot.  Now, why is zeal so important?  In Genuine Recovery, which leads to a healthy balanced life, there is always an intense desire for more.  My souls desire is to release from my self centeredness and move towards unity and connectedness with others. In order to achieve my desires I need help from others.

True motivation must come from within.  This movement in consciousness must be felt and acknowledged by choice within my inner being. My inspiration is backed by this force of zeal.  No accomplishment can be achieved without it. When I was an active using alcoholic, I lived in a state of depression and was not moving forward.  It seemed that my primary motivation was for the next drink.  I wanted to escape many feelings such as low self-esteem, self-worth, and pain.  I was not tapping into that source of enthusiasm, rather I was drinking to create that sensation.  I was successful in living in my mind and isolating myself from others.  I was living in a depressed state of mind.

In sobriety, a new understanding and positive expectancy for my life has emerged.  I am able to stand with those chilled waters at my feet and look forward to a new life of awareness, growth, and possibility.  This is living with zeal.  As mentioned, this quality is expressed through praise and thanksgiving.  You cannot have the poor me attitude any longer.  Blame and looking backwards to life is the opposite of zeal.  This destructive intellectual process is habitual and the minds most futile habit which causes stagnation in my life. It robs me of enthusiasm.

If I desire to get the most out of my life experience, I must initiate or get into action.  To do what I know is the meaning of progress. Of course not all inspiration is moved in positive directions.  We have all seen what misdirected or misguided action can produce.  What I’m referring to is action that causes a shift in your consciousness that creates a psychic change which enables you to view your circumstances differently.  To see how erratic emotions victimized me took a long time. I could perceive them quickly in others, but only slowly in myself.  Personal responsibility for my thoughts, emotions, and actions is such an awakening experience because I no longer am disempowered by the actions of others.  When I can live in an attitude of gratitude my self-talk is perpetually saying “thank-you.” An appreciation fills my life and the true meaning of the word enthusiasm is revealed. I choose to Live in and with the Source. My understanding is continually changing and that is exciting. Life is change. I choose to move forward with it.


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