Power of Words

The Hidden Power of Transforming Vocabulary

Choose wisely before speaking.

Martin Santos

I have noticed that the questions I ask myself are determining my focus.  By my focus, I mean how I think and feel.  I am constantly asking and answering questions both internally (self-talk) and externally (whatever is presented to me via television, conversations, family, etc.). Would it not be of vital importance to guard or witness what questions or vocabulary I am transmitting or receiving by others?

Our world is one of energy and vibration.  Words are symbols and waves of vibration that are being sent and received to you.  Why is this important?  When I can recognize that I am sending and receiving signals constantly, I become more responsible and accountable for my thoughts and actions.  A willingness to be aware of my thoughts and those of others is empowering.  As mentioned earlier, my words have an impact on how I think and feel.  My word choice does affect my attitudes and actions. How? Words are timeless wavelength and power. They can create or destroy.  Be aware of falling into vibration traps.

In an earlier segment, I discussed that beliefs are a rule and feeling of certainty about what something means.  The words is, am, and are affect my general well being. Being conscious of these three words and how they are being used is empowering.  A willingness to choose kind words and have an understanding of them can be foundational in my Genuine Recovery.

Let’s explore when and how I identify myself or others. “Life is wonderful. Life is terrible. I am centered.  I am insane.  You are a kind person. You are a mean person.”  Can you see how innocent it can be to choose our emotional well being?  Genuine Recovery requires an inner look at myself and part of that is selecting words or ideas that benefit myself and others. My negativity stems from my perception and actions.  An attitude of gratitude can open a venue undiscovered or recognized by me.  Willingness, open mindedness, and honesty is how to make a shift in consciousness. When I understand that psychology and spirituality are the cornerstones of my behavior, I then can alert to the power words have in my psyche. 

The drinking problem stems primarily from a spiritual deprivation and often co-dependent behavior experienced in my life.  It is never too late to have a happy childhood, but this requires conscious effort and spiritual discipline. I live in world rigged for distractions.  This is why prayer and meditation are methods to re-establish order in my thinking and feeling. In my mind, I am more aware of what I’m asking and then listening to my thoughts.  Getting my mind quiet and still is nearly impossible when experiencing alcohol or drugs, or abusive relationships.  It is important to make the time to find solace during our days and get in touch with our inner most selves.  This is why going deep within can allow me to view and witness the self chatter going on in my mind.  Genuine Recovery is not only stopping drinking, rather sanity; which is soundness of mind. I can do this mental discipline anytime, anywhere.

Abstinence from alcohol, surrendering to the fact that the power greater than myself can help me, a fearless moral inventory, and sharing with another person, are key steps in Genuine Recovery from alcohol.  It also requires persistence, determination, commitment, and personal responsibility for my life.  This is best accomplished by watching my words and selecting better word choice.  Now, I understand that this is a lofty goal, yet through awareness, change is possible.  When I can see that I am responsible for my interpretation of life and that I have an inner power working with me to solve my issues, anything is possible.

Have fun discovering what vocabulary is being sent and received by you.  I believe you will find that your emotional well being can become more stable and awakened from this discipline.

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