The dreaded emotion of fear is felt by all.  No one has never not experienced the grips of this force.  Yet, there are a select few who act in spite of this perception.  Why do I suggest perception?  Because fear is manifested in the mind by the thoughts or impressions we have in our memories or imagination.

It has been said that courage is acting in spite of fear.  To not permit our thoughts to rule our actions, but instead, force our actions to control our thoughts is the remedy to fear.

How do we release fear?  By moving through it. By not allowing the imagination to capture you and hindering any forward movement.  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Zeal is enthusiasm.  The word enthusiasm in its root form means “at one with spirit of God.”  To not get too metaphysical, when we are aligned with the spirit or conception of God who is all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere; we gain belief, and through time and experience, a trust established that allows you to be equipped to make forward progress.

Fear is the opposite of faith.  I refer to fear as operating in reverse opposite of faith.  Faith is not an emotion, it is a power.  It manifests the thought images of the mind into their material equivalent through a process.  You are that process.  Life is process.  It is continually changing and transforming.

When I focus on fear, I am worrying, anxious, depressed, and living in my mind. I conjure up images of despair and lack of hope.  Instead the choice can be made to operate with faith.  This is not only a power but a skill that must be developed and established in the mind as a habit of thinking.

I love the late great Napoleon Hill, author of one the all time best selling books, “Think and Grow Rich.” He interviewed over five hundred of the wealthiest individuals the world has ever known.  What he gleaned was that the vast majority operated their lives and fortunes under the unshakeable power of faith.  Im quite certain they experienced fear and trepidation, but they all acted in spite of the fear.  

You can too!

One of Americas greatest generals, George S. Patton, stated it this way; “Courage is fear holding on for a minute longer.”  When the body leads the mind, making action first, the mind will follow.  Many of us have misinterpreted this truth.  We have had it backwards all along.  “Act as if you cannot fail.”

Now, armed with this knowledge, this does not mean you will never experience fear ever again.  That is obviously not realistic.  What is realistic, is that you can choose to function in spite of it.  This can be done through the power of understanding and confidence.  We improve through repetition. 

Understanding is will.  What we will is what we understand.  Therefore, my perception or focus needs to be adjusted or changed completely.  This can be done by how we communicate inside of ourselves.  The words we choose to describe an event or situation often determines how and what the results or outcome will be.  Often they surprise us, because positive unintentioned consequences are experienced.

The mind is a highly suggestive organ, and operates on the information it is given.  It is of vital importance to guard what enters your mind.  The mind is a broadcasting and receiving station. The abdomen is the processing center.  This is why when you feel the the fear, it is in your gut, not your brain.  The thoughts are stirred my this emotional power, so reevaluating how and what words you choose to describe the feelings are of most importance.

Fortunately, life is process.  Success is the result of good judgment, and good judgment is the result of experience, and experience is usually the result of bad judgment.  Awareness is the answer to fear as well as making action in spite of it.


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