The more a person is united and inwardly simple, the more and higher you understand because the light of understanding received is from within.

Gautama Buddha

Gratitude is not only an attitude but a way to live. It flows from within and expands outward.

I marvel abt how my world changes when I interpret people, places, animal friends, plants, and other things this way. They all gain a brand new perspective and to no surprise they seem to effortlessly change.

I live in a world of constant change, and my attitude cannot be attached to outcomes.

When I am willing to focus inward, then on others with a heart of caring and sharing, I recognize that I am the cause of my perspective.

My life today is “I get too, not I have to.”

This distinction focuses my attention that life is not only happening for me and my growth, but I am responsible for my own thoughts, actions, and reactions. It may sound simple, but it is not easy. Discipline is needed. Skill.

Appreciating my life was so difficult when I was living as an active alcohol user. The alcohol gave me the illusion that my world was care free. I really enjoyed drinking and even persevered when it disappointed me and made me sick.

That was primarily because of me. I was not responsible on how much excess I would consume. I was consumed with myself.

Selfishness and resentments ruled my days. I sadly lived with the attitude of what would satisfy me, and not on nurturing my relationships. My perspective ruled my reality.

Today, my perspective is my reality. I get a clear, clean slate today. I make the choice.

The main difference is that I care and love myself because that is what I want to give to others. I can only give away what I have. This is not vanity, its self worth.

It is impossible to always live in a state of gratitude when I believe that I am creating it.

It comes with an understanding that I need to permit myself to be connected to the source that creates all things. This allows me to be at peace because I know this power is always extending itself for my ultimate good.

When I was drinking, it was difficult to see the ultimate good because my focus was only in the moment. I did not trust that the future would be different.

Actually, the past and future were a tangled mix of illusions and perceptions that were formed in my mind.

During the process of change and development of my character, I have discovered that I can only choose my second thought and my action.

Life can be so complicated when living in that first thought and don’t seek my response in the pause between what happens and my choice.

Pausing can be the choice between creation and destruction. Words have this power.

What I get to choose is what words internally and externally I use to describe my situation, relationships, or circumstances. This I believe is our pathway to freedom.

I have developed a new vocabulary or language to describe my world.

In recovery and in coaching, I am not only expressing ideas, but I am listening to others. I notice what language or words people use to describe their experience and it has helped me to be more aware of not getting trapped into negativity.

My days are filled with thoughts of thank you and how can I help.

People who choose to whine, live in self-pity, anger, suffering, or attempt to project out what they have, I now decide to not accept the gift.

I do not ignore them or ridicule them, rather I view their emotions and words like clouds. Some are thunderous, dark, and menacing.

My perspective [attitude] or weather, I bring is one of an understanding that “this too shall pass.” Everything is temporary.

No longer are my emotions attached to another persons interpretation of their world. I can now accept it as, “what it is;” knowing that in my mind with a brief pause, I can choose to let it go.

How many of yesterdays clouds are you still holding on to?

For me, the sky is always in a state of motion and flux. So are my thoughts.
Living in gratitude doesn’t mean the weather will change but I can change.

My outlook is always up to me; if I am willing to change, accept things as they are; not how I want them to be.

Decide right NOW to live with the gift of choice and responsibility that is truly yours.

Choose your day in gratitude. The sun always resides there.

“Everything really is equal. The Creator doesn’t look at me any better than He looks at the trees. We’re all different and the same.”

Martin Santos

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