Inner Voice

Are you listening to yourself?

What is the inner voice? How vital is it to your life?

Many psychopaths and maladjusted persons have developed an inner dialogue of hate, fear, lust, revenge, anger, resentment and countless other negative emotions unexpressed or expressed in daily existence.

Notice, I used the word existence, because those toxic emotions or states of mind and being are a far cry from common life.

Life is growth, transition, change, death, and whatever “I am” you determine to suffice as a positive well being. 

Everything in life is in a constant change or flux. Your mind is also. Underlying the constant chatter is infinite silence. The world spins so fast, that it appears to run so slowly.  This evolutionary process of life brings forward the question of consciousness. 

Why and how did man develop consciousness?

Was it mainly because of a lack of determined applied faith or survival?

Civilization is founded on centuries of dogma, legend, myths, and religion.  When pre-historic man looked into the heavens and began to ponder, the question or thought was revealed.  Now, this brings me to the topic of inner voice. 

It was written that, “In the beginning was the word and the word was God, and it was spoken.”  If this is so, which millions who have lived agree it is, then suffice it to say that this universe is ordered and operated by law.  Natural and universal.

With faith in a God, or supreme power of energy flowing through this world, it is easy to believe that with a firm conviction which develops into trust and then a knowing that all human interaction is synchronized into harmony.

How is this possible when most of what we view is chaos, violence, and disorder everyday? 

Whatever information, data, education, experience is fed into the mind, germinates into being or reality. 

Prayer, which is ordered thinking, and meditation which is ordered feeling must be harmonized into an equilibrium for a healthy mind, body, spirit, and energy.

Our universe is energy, frequency, and vibration. It is the spoken word that generates this phenomenon of life for us.

The inner voice, therefore, are the building blocks of reality and language is the instrument of creation and destruction.

The spoken and written word generates emotion or energy.

Do you now see how important the inner voice is?  What do you think about on a consistent basis?  What has been programmed into your mind during the course of your lifetime?  Does it truly measure where you want to go moving forward? What do you really believe, and is it applicable today?

Many more questions can be asked, yet the answer is always the same.  What you sow, you will reap.

The inner voice commands the organism and environment.  This is a universal law that cannot be disputed.  Why not then begin where you are and declare that you rid yourself of the weeds in your mind garden?  

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

James Allen

Did not the carpenter Jesus from Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago clearly say: “Given unto you is the power of the Father.” 

This law is so powerful, that man cannot comprehend it in his or her limited three dimensional thinking. Only a few, recognize this Truth and have used it for good or evil.

We are slowly awakening to these masters of manipulation who have victimized a human race of victims.

Never underestimate the power that is generated by the word.  Understand its potential.  Recognize that what dialogue you are conversing inside your mind is spoken louder to mold and shape your character.  

Character is destiny.

Choose wisely with responsibility and integrity in how you want to live this life. Remember, there are many mansions in the Fathers house, and the doors are opened and revealed when we humbly ask.

Be entirely ready to let “thee Lord”run your day, and you will be astonished at the miracles and the love that is expressed in your life.

Only the individual can decide his or her inner dialogue.  No one can speak I am for you.  This gift is only given to you.

Sing your own inner song.

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