Be strong and of good courage. Act for the best, hope for the best, and make what comes…If death ends all, we cannot meet death better.

William James

Are you satisfied?

A part of human nature is to be dissatisfied.  How many of us hope and wish for something better?  Why is it so difficult to accept our current circumstances? What is the ever present need to be on a quest for something more?

It can be argued that if we were always in a place of acceptance, no change would be necessary.  This fact is not in compliance with the laws of nature and law of attraction, which namely cry for growth.

Is the acorn of the oak tree not as valuable as the oak tree itself?  Don’t they both have merit and value?

The same can be viewed with goals.  Is one goal better than another?  Do they hold the same intrinsic value?

How many of us have asked; “If I only had this, I would be so happy?” And not said; “I must become this kind of person in order to have.”

This pivot question is one of the intrinsic drives of our human nature to strive and evolve.  If there was no dissatisfaction, there would be no progress?  We need problems to grow and goals are a method in solving them.

Why are goals so difficult to establish? Personally for me its been fear and accountability.  That proverbial  “fear of success,” or “what will my family, friends, or peers think of me if I change.”

In binding myself to standards of a future that is unknown, it can cause a limitation of my scope of expanding or changing my current behavior.  It’s so much easier to play it safe.

Similarly, it can be the lack of faith that what I dream can actually be transmuted into reality.

I have found that goal setting can be an exercise to be done daily. Yes, daily. Why? 

The more specific or clear a goal is defined, can focus the mind into a laser to move you towards it.  The brain is a cybernetic mechanism and utilizes the function of the reticular activating system (RAS) which seeks out what it is commanded by impressions of words, imagination, and environment.  Due to the law of attraction, this is a universal law and an evidentiary principle.

So, why not set goals?  

What happens if we firmly and faithfully believed that any goal could be manifested? 


As mentioned earlier, specificity and realistic goal setting must be considered. 

I cannot be 3’6 and expect to be a professional basketball player.  That does not mean that I am skewing someones belief or conviction to meet their desired goal.  “Realistically” really means doubt. The seed planted on hard ground, “lack of belief or faith,” is an example of this.

Who am I to say it cannot happen? The probability is highly minimal.  And by this minimality, a person may be dissuaded or stunted in their belief which would jeopardize the fulfillment of the goal.  It’s like dumping a gallon of water on the ground of a newly planted seed; it will drown and destroy its growth.

Time is a measure of change which effects our own interests in pursuing goals that no longer make sense.

There are various models based in how best to meet and fulfill goals.  One is SMART [Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Timely]. 

This method fosters the manifestation of goals to a respected and trusted manner.  It is thinking objective to a subjective task or result.  

Another method is to just “free form,” or, to jot down all the dreams and wishes, then as mentioned previously, narrow the focus in smaller focused steps, say thank you, and put them away for the universe to manifest.

Grow Outward Attract Living Self

The process of goal setting always begins with the tools of the mind: thinking and feeling.  

Being includes having. You need to become the person who can attract the energy, frequency, and vibration. You must become the person who is like the person or thing you want. Remember, like attracts like, water seeks its own level.

Until a thought is formulated nothing is formed.  The word is the building block of reality. This is done through language.  Therefore, it is vital to measure carefully what words are used in ones thought process. 

Thoughts generate words which in turn stimulate feelings.  They send out vibrations and frequencies to match. Words can create, or destroy.

These two actions of the mind will determine the execution of a persons ability to act or meet a goal. By integrating the emotions congruently with thinking and feeling, this can expedite the process of a goal to take form or manifest.

In simplistic terms, set a goal like you are planting a seed into fertile soil.  Fertile soil, is nourished by affirmation, clarity, and conviction.  These are the ingredients that if properly nurtured and cultivated, can more often make your goals realized. 

It is important to understand the law of the harvest.  Most people, including myself, set goals only to focus on the harvest or what they want.  When you want apples, which kind?  I need to be specific. 

As important, when I plant the seed, it’s necessary to cultivate the ground, or take action towards the result.  Remember, plant the goal and leave it alone to grow.   You don’t unearth the seed (goal) everyday to check, you trust the natural process of growth.

The exercise of goal setting is so fundamental, yet only a very small distinct segment of people actually practice this critical discipline.

Start small by only setting two or three goals and build from there.  Confidence is a functional quality that can determine the success of reaching any achievement.  By making small commitments and keeping promises to ourselves, this will lead to a level of integrity and responsibility that propels you forward in meeting your objectives.

So when we discuss goals, it is clear that we are all setting intentions for our behavior.  An airplane is rarely on course towards any destination based on the weather, wind or other variables, yet the outcome or intention of the computer is set to meet the objective or goal in meeting its final destination. 

Set the goal and adjust your actions and trust the process that it is being fulfilled in its own time.  Be patient, exercise faith and conviction, and realize too that others may have to be included to help meet your goals.  Cooperation with the law and trust in delegating to others can manifest your goals in a quicker and more timely fashion.

In fact, when setting a goal, you are accepting and trusting yourself, others, and a power greater than you.

*Remember to be aware of what you are wishing for, you just might get it.

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