The mind is a world processing center

Robert Orsntein

Believe It and then you will see It.

So that we are clear, here are the dictionary definitions of perception:  the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses: the normal limits to human perception. the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses:a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression:intuitive understanding and insight:the neurophysiological processes, including memory, by which an organism becomes aware of and interprets external stimuli.

Simply put, your awareness and interpretation is your perception. This formulates your Understanding.  This is important because it is the catalyst of our emotions, reaction, and projection of our attitudes. Our understanding or perception is simultaneously directing our choices or Will. My ego or self will ran my life for most of 45 years.  Today, I surrender much of it to a source that I know is truly running my show.  I ask it continuously for guidance and trust it to help me make better choices and depend on it to run my life.  I let it work through me.

Alcohol is a drug and a depressant. It greatly affects a persons judgment according to any amount consumed.  As with most things, we accumulate a tolerance not only to alcohol but how we tolerate life, relationships, work, and self worth.

My ability to judge is based on many perceptions or beliefs, which are basically the rules I have adopted consciously and unconsciously to interpret my world. 

I definitely interpreted my life differently at 15 years of age than I do today at 50 years.  My life experiences have changed yet has my psychology changed?  I would like to think so, but if I honestly examine some of the behaviors and attitudes I live today, it could be argued that my perception of myself has changed but my interpretations of that past experiences is much different in the way I see it today. 

I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become.

Dr. Carl G. Jung

Intuitively, I know I have grown yet for so many years I used alcohol to mask or hide my feelings of the distant hurts, struggles, shame, guilt, and regret.  My addiction was brought forward into my present reality like a back pack full of weighted emotions and perceptions.

Today, I have done much recovery into reexamining my past and have written down many character defects that I carry with me today.  Yes the back pack is lighter today, because I chose a new path for my life without alcohol.  I have discovered fulfillment in small simple pleasures and attitudes, because my perception has changed. 

My understanding is open to new ideas and concepts yet my core beliefs in a power that resides in me and is the source of all the energy in the world is enlightened in me.  Now don’t think for a moment that I am a saint.  I have only tapped into a resource that was always there and I trusted sporadically. 

Today, I trust it thoroughly.  It guides me when I center my attention with it, and fully believe it has my ultimate good in mind for me. It can help your life as well only if you believe and trust it is there.

This experience is available to all of us, and truthfully, when I was drinking I felt it as well.  However, being sober for many years has provided me a clarity in my perception or thinking. It has transformed my perception of the world. 

When I change the way I interpret or perceive the world, the people, places, and things effortlessly change. I barely experience more confrontations, or competitions with others.  My perception has changed to cooperation and seeking first to understand, rather than to be understood.

So, our perception is like a kaleidoscope, constantly mirroring and reflecting what we choose to believe about ourselves.  My sincere hope is for you to see yourself as a strong, growing, loving human seeking to improve your spiritual identity and individuality.  Your soul is not in your body, your body is in your soul.  Be open and trust that mistakes are part of life’s lesson.

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