Ask to Live the Prayer

Everything happens for a reason? No, everything happens on its own.

The word ask means to imagine. Instead of dreaming and looking outside, why not look inside and awake?

Intention instigates the propensity for karmic consequence in the infinite field. Through the intellect we hear about spirituality but how do we transcend experience? Without divinity, the ego (intellect) resorts to the Newtonian Model of Causality to explain phenomena (Hawkins, 2004).

There is a force for good in the world and when you are cooperating with that force for good, good things happen to you. You have free will, the choice to be on the side of right or on the side of wrong. This force for good we call God’s will. God has a purpose for the world and He has a purpose for your life. He wants you to bring all your desires into oneness with His desires. He can only work through people. If you try to make God’s will your will, He will guide you. You will be in the stream of goodness, carried along by everything that is right. You will be on God’s side.

“So God’s will for you and for me is fulfillment, peace and joy. The Gift Of God was made at the foundation of the earth. What you came here looking for, you came here looking with. What we have to find is where it is, and it is right here inside us. It’s an inside job. Uncovering, Discovering, Discarding is Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s a fascinating way of life and it gets better, and I suspect it’s going to get better forever. “A world without end, Amen.”

Chuck C.

You are becoming what you are. The process of unfoldment is continuous. Place yourself in the correct field (environment) to develop your purpose. You never know what might happen tomorrow, so maximizing your time now is the only decision. Equally, time will add value to your life, and give you an excellent life if you can make it valuable.

Keep your thoughts positive, and this way, you will have to live a positive life. Do all that you can to get rid of negative energies that hold you back. Focus on the things that matter and leave all others. You should know that the things you think about eventually manifest in your life.

Intention instigates propensity, making everything of its own. By living the prayer, we align ourselves with the divine power that has created the universe (field).

Living is the meaning of life. Set your intentions here in the present.


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