Being under a New Covenant, “personal choice” is widely accepted for practicing Sabbath. According to (King James Holy Bible, 1769/2020, Romans, 14:5), “One-man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

Millions of people use this choice indiscriminately. Some make no decision, others make decisions against the will of God (Holy Spirit) and live with no discipline, morals, and only self-seeking pleasure. I have sinned in this way myself for many parts of my experience.

In American life, our culture has drifted far away from Christian scripture, principles, and humility. It seems as if we are operating under Satanic doctrines. Too many lives are perplexed, anxious, stressed, disharmonious, and distracted daily.

Waiting for “one day” of rest is not enough. Deliverance for rest is a daily practice of discipline, contemplation, prayer, and meditation (silence of mind). Therefore, influencing others begins with changing myself and living righteously. Influencing myself begins with a humble request from God and expecting patiently as David said, “Morning by morning, O Lord you hear my voice, morning by morning, I lay my request and wait in expectation” (Prince, 2022).

Rest begins with a restful mind. If I am agitated, short of breath, stressed, I am not living according to the will of God. Therefore, I keep my demeanor calm, reassured, and confident, since I understand who resides in me. My faith is exemplified by my words, actions, and silence.

I choose moments of each day (morning, noon, and night) to rest in the Word and seek His guidance. I can influence others only by how I behave. Others have a choice, but I do not allow their stress, pain, and emotion to grab hold of my spirit unless I am willing to succumb to the negative patterns of others. This requires experience, faith, knowledge, and understanding. It requires at times, a decision, to not assist those who do not want to be helped or are unwilling to change.

Our American culture lives for the moment instead of in the moment. That is a key distinction. We can be in this world but not of it. God through the Holy Spirit reaches inside all of us, if we listen, observe, and wait for His blessings. Patience is the answer. Like the promontory against which the waves continually crash upon, I can stand still (mind), and tame the fury of the waters around me. This is a choice, a decision, a discipline.

Sabbath is recognized as one day (Saturday) in Orthodox Jewish, Adventist, and certain Protestant churches. Sunday is recognized globally (Roman Catholic Church), and consists of praise, worship, fellowship, and tithing. I personally live my life as One day in time, and lift my voice to God (Holy Spirit) in morning and various portions of the day. All I am given is this day, and tomorrow is not promised to no one. Therefore, I choose to be in Holy communion (restful relationship) with Spirit continually.

According to Solomon (2022), The Greeks knew two words for time: Chronos – time of the clock or calendar. Kairos – time as an opportunity, a gift, a season; time pregnant with purpose. Here you ask not “what time is it”, but “what is this time for.” It is sanctified time – spent toward eternity.

The fact is that the Sabbath as an institution was established by man. God does not rest from His works every seventh day, and there is no evidence that there has never been a moment of cessation in the activity of the universe (Fillmore & Fillmore, 1999).

We are told that trees, flowers, planets, suns, stars, and sidereal systems are the work of God; that it is God who sustains and governs, control and directs them. Yet trees, flowers, planets, suns, and stars are active the first day and the seventh day of the week, just the same as on other days of the week.

Properly, if God ordained a certain day of rest and rested on that day Himself, as is claimed, He should give some evidence of it in His creations: but He has not done this, so far as anybody knows. The Truth is that Divine Mind rests in a perpetual Sabbath, and that which seems work is not work at all. When man becomes so at-one with the Father-Mind as to feel it consciously, he also recognizes this eternal peace, in which all things are accomplished. He then knows that he is not subject to any condition whatsoever and knows he is “lord even of the sabbath.”

New Sabbath (New Testament) implies personal choice in observance of a day of rest. Respectfully recognize that whatever day is chosen, a personal relationship ought be cultivated throughout the minutes, hours, and days in between for true reflection and restoration. Man can never exercise dominion until he knows who and what he is and, knowing, brings froth that knowledge into the external by exercising it in dive order, which is mind, idea, and manifestation.

To set aside daily time in the early morning and longer periods of time on Saturday or Sunday for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rest is essential for restoration and well-being. This practice is an incorporation (consequence) of all the days leading up to Sabbath.

Sabbath is a day of rest, and if one views time as a mental construct (thought), it is upon one to make the best use of time that is given. As Jesus said, one cannot live under the law but grace that is given.  Choose to appreciate the grace given for you today.


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