Kindness & Humility

Kindness and Humility are character traits that seem to be lacking in most people these days. The opposite of humility is Pride.

There is an influx of people feeling excessively good about accomplishments (public praise-followers on social media), that can be detrimental long-term. Pride is deadly sin for a reason. It cultivates and nurtures self-centeredness, aloofness, or improper recognition of the true source of blessing.

Jesus differs from Satan in this regard. Jesus sought GOD (Holy Spirit) in true humility. Satan, prideful, knowledgeable, and coercive, is the antethesis of humility.

A humble spirit does not entail being weak (push over). It is more powerful to be in the Spirit of the Lamb (Dove), accepting our nature and relying on Gods power and love to guide, teach, and stretch us further in developing (spiritually, mentally, emotionally). Only then can more be revealed.

Kindness comes from understanding that every persons experience (journey) is unique; and no one knows the battle scars (wounds) people hide within. Kindness is not only giving gifts. It is a smile, a kind word of encouragement, and support to all living things (animals).

The pleasantries we can exchange with others (strangers) build bonds, and understanding. Boundaries are necessary for healthy living.

I can be kind, humble and still set boundaries that enhance my mind-body-spirit connection to the Creator.

Cultivating and nurturing the relationship with GOD: The Father, The Son Jesus Christ , and The Holy Spirit, is a presence of relational mind, trust, and faith.


Prince. D. (2021). The fruit of kindness Part 6 of 10-Fruit of the spirit [Video]. YouTube.

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