Structure. Order. Fulfillment.

Meaning describes structure, order, and fulfillment. In the revolutionary (secular) book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” author, Viktor Frankl expressed his horrific experiences in Nazi Germany as a Psychiatrist, imprisoned in Auschwitz during World War II. He concluded that mans search for meaning, in spite of everything, came down his/her value (belief) placed on meaning.

The logos (GOD) is sealed in everyone, yet many people use the tools of mind to create their own meaning for experience (life). In doing so, man is left only with references gleaned from personal experience (perception), which are often distorted (encapsulated) in language experienced.

Scripture is written documentation (interpreted language) from God through Spirit. Meaning gives essence, purpose, and clarity into governing mindset and behavior. Since belief (rules) and values (importance) move throughout our lived experience, it is essential to understand who and where the instructions come from, in order to make the best decision (choice) that effect our lives.

A person with completely secular worldviews is influenced (mindset, behavior) by the arbitrary values, norms, and beliefs society places as acceptable, which are subject to change continuously (feelings). Scripture does not have this issue because it is founded on (GOD) principle, law, and instruction (fact). 

Fact versus fiction is the evolutionary process man experiences (perception) in this life. Perception is the lens man views (interprets) the world. Thinking (critical) and feeling (emotion) need proper structure (foundation) to base its life (meaning), therefore, success or failure, is subject to where and how orderis based.

To live a fulfilled life, ones purpose must be congruent (aligned) in Truth to make sense (perceive) of life and give meaning to direction. What man (woman) aims for is what man (woman) experiences. 

Our mindset influences our behavior. It is important to understand the map (perception) is not the territory. A guide (bible) understands the map and the territory providing accurate instruction in howwhere, and who you are led (mindset and behavior).

Mr. Frankl survived his horrific ordeal, mainly, because his meaning (aim) was highly (based) structured, ordered, and fulfilled in the promise (ideal perception), that Gods plan for him was to survive and share his writings to the world.

Hallelujah to Him for placing a meaning in the psychiatrist’s heart to persevere in endurance to give purpose for his experience, and bear witness to share, learn, and impact others (legacy).


Frankl, V. E., Kushner, H. S., & Winslade, W. J. (2006). Man’s search for meaning. Beacon Press.

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