Conviction: An Ethical Good

Inclusiveness and Conclusiveness

Martin S. II

Yes, they (appear) lost in their influence in the face of scientific and other knowledge which contradicts the Truth. Not everyone can come on your path. Yes, ethical cooperation, inclusion, exclusion is a part of the living experience as a Christian; But, in God Alone, is the spiritual marriage, HE is seeking; connecting the thinker into the source of Truth—knowing (thought and feeling). Knowing is conviction of the Truth.

Our world today, is still convincing itself that knowing and unknowing are opposites from the same coin. The essence of the coin is absorption of both: the light and dark elements bonded in the Source of the CREATOR are contained in each. Those deceived in believing the darkness is not accessible (manipulatable) at any time, are blindly naïve.

Darkness absorbs all the rays of light without exclusion of any. Light reflects all the rays of light without the absorption of any. Where is man today?  Confused, deceived, baffled, intoxicated in illusionary realities. Christian faith is God. The Spirit of Jesus lives eternal, for those who are righteous. Not holy than holy. Daily living is pursuing (seeking) wholeness in right living. A Godly life encompasses sin. The fact is, can or will you, be faithful in the restoration, cultivation, and redemption; of restructuring living in a life consisting of (God) principle over personality [s]. Conviction of belief. Yet, adaptable, to the situation (awareness) at hand?

It happens in daily living, some troubled (clouded) soul, someone who has a marital problem or financial problem or some other kind of problem; I must tell that person very honestly: “I don’t have the answer to your problem. I can’t tell you exactly what to do, but one thing I can tell you, God hears and answers prayer.

Genuine Recovery sacrifice

Perhaps they are not prepared for such truth, but it is expressed in character; silently, verbally, or moving away. “O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come. When we were overwhelmed by sins, you atoned for our transgressions” (KJV, King James Version, 2020, Psalms 63: 2-3).

Courage is tested as a Christian. As Cross [Robinson] influentially points out, (as his first name suggests Cross) [crucifixion] reveals the truth, and atonement to die for truth (principle) (Stanley, 2021). The truth comes in various tints and sparks of brightness. All Glory to God (Jesus) for appointing the APPROPRIATE ADMINISTRATOR, HELPER, and COUNSEL (Holy Spirit) to be at every point to shed light against the darkness in bodies and souls.

We must (perceptively) fail to succeed, and to succeed we must, by getting up (inside our spirit) and moving forward. This is the distinction between I can, and I will (conviction).

Stanley (2021) states; “Our convictions about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ are demonstrated” in Apostle Paul, “your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men but on the POWER of ALL MIGHTY GOD “(KJV, King James Version, 2020, 1 Corinthians: 2-5).

Christians serve a distinct purpose and provides a unique experience; one mission unites us all: “to educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world.” We want to enable our fellow man (woman)—at all entities and in every discipline—to be prepared to lead others, as they are entrusted with the Gospel to think and live as Christ-followers in the twenty-first century and beyond.



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