Martin Santos

Martin earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Economics, the study of psychology in decision making. He has written about human behavior for over 20 years. His goal is to simplify how human decision works and explain it in a way anyone can understand to better communicate with themselves and others.

He is a certified Traditional HealthWorker–Peer Wellness Specialist in the state of Oregon with an emphasis in trauma informed care, mental health wellness and addiction.

I’m Martin, and have recovered from the physical cravings and insanity of chronic alcoholism. I understand the battle of the mind in regards to real alcohol abuse from personal experience. I have been sober for many years. There is no cure for alcoholism; only a daily reprieve, based on a DECISION of the consequences of the next first drink.

Today is the most important day. My experience has shown that the discipline of long term sobriety requires a spiritual shift in consciousness which can lead to a balanced soundness of mind. A daily Genuine Recovery Mindset of Responsible Integrity is what my blogs will promise. Experience is the best teacher and humility to know that I am still a work in progress, leads me to walk daily in sobriety.

AWARENESS + Understanding + Responsible Integrity can = Soundness of Mind

“If I pay attention to the patterns of my life, I’ll realize everything always works out. Everything always takes me to a greater destination. I always grow and the things I think I can’t survive somehow divinely make it through. That’s life, always remember that.
” Martin
Awareness of Thoughts As Karmic Propensity