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I am not alone. This belief has been solidified into a conviction through a process. My personal genuine recovery process.

In 1994, when dually diagnosed with a mental health disorder and the subsequent tool I used to adapt to life-alcohol, the stigma of psychiatrists, crisis stabilization units were realities I had witnessed and experienced likened to movies as “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, or “What about Bob!”

I was alone and hiding my disability and dis-ease from others through isolation. Shame, guilt and fear ran deep in my stoic personality that I portrayed to others in public. I did not want to experience the stigma of being labeled “crazy, misfit, odd or unstable.”

The rebellious spirit of not wanting to adhere to prescribed medication for assistance, and denial that I was different from others, spurred a defiance which was fully integrated into my mindset and being. I gradually and excessively began using the socially approved drug of choice, alcohol to cope. This mixture was prevalent in my early recovery path and distorted state of mind.

In desperation at age forty-five, the two collided into a nervous breakdown. After hospitalization, I sought help from an unsuspecting inner resource which I call “To Thee O’ Lord.” I asked the God of my understanding: Please help and teach me a new way to live!

As if by the divine force (Power), I was guided into a room of Alcoholics Anonymous. Scared, distrustful of others, yet still believing their was hope; I read the 12 steps and Big Book of AA and attended over one thousand meetings. I committed to a path of self discovery, self-love and self-acceptance into applying and living them daily.

I realized that you cannot think yourself into right living. We must live ourselves into right thinking.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a shift in my recovery. The rooms of AA were displaced and zoom meetings were at an infant stage. I knew that the disease of alcoholism could cunningly, bafflingly and powerfully enter its grips on me and affect my emotional and mental health again unless I stayed the course.

On May 18, 2020 after laying a solid five year foundation based on spiritual principles, I decided to launch a blog named Genuine Recovery.

The process of writing and the rhythm of a clear conscious, has allowed me to make more sound decisions.

As of January 15, 2015 to present, I have not used alcohol or any drug to mask the emotional pains and sufferings of my past, rather, I’m now blessed to live one day in time, to walk in partnership with my higher source, trusting and KNOWING that the lessons of the day are for mine and others improvement.

Through this writing and sharing ideas of faith, psychology, personal responsibility and mental health wellness, I gained new courage and motivation to expand my reach beyond the rooms of AA.

The principles and relationships built, inspired me to become Certified as a Peer Wellness Specialist in Mental Health & Addiction in the State of Oregon, September 2021.

This blog will eventually morph into Genuine Recovery Organization Sobriety Institute, which will apply the fundamental tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous with the intersection of Biblical Faith and the latest in Mental Health Wellness education.

Now, in my ninth year, we reached beyond seven years of sobriety. I say we because of the collective of people (teachers) and experiences it required with the aide from the higher source within, which makes it all possible.

Today, I’m a perpetual student of life. My “lens” has shifted into viewing others as teachers for my personal growth. I have experienced five individuals in my time at AA die of the disease of alcoholism. These friends helped in my psychic shift.

I am not alone. Many have touched the path and One is always within. The journey has just begun.


In honorable memory of Rick, Leslie, Cyndi, Aryls and Alan!

What We Do

Rapid Development in EXCELLENCE for Mental Health Education.

First, we talk about where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. Together, we’ll design a plan for your learning, setting goals and timeline targets.

At each meeting, we will begin by evaluating your understanding, reviewing goals and making adjustments as needed. Then we work on what you have prepared for our session, usually the most challenging problems or assignments that you could not complete alone.   

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