A collection of sayings, quotes, dialogue to recover and discover in assisting perception reframe.

Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.

Marcus Aurelius

Evaluate where you are, honestly.

Respond, do not react. 

Keep two books; bible and notebook of ideasphilosophies, and concepts.

I read the bible and newspaper everyday to see what both sides are up to. 

The God of the Mountain is the same One in the Valley. 

Dare to evaluate where you are. 

Read the New England Primer – founding fathers book of Education and Character for 100 years. 

What rings your joy bell? 

Develop a Wall of Gratitude.

Encourage others. 

Success has experience, judgment, and common sense as its major theme. 

The healthiest of all human emotions is Gratitude.

What is life asking of you?

The people who do not take the first step, never take the second step. 

Some think denial is a river in Egypt. 

Failure is only a temporary change of direction to set you straight on your next success. 

I have a brilliant memory, although it is very short. 

I remember some difficult times where I felt like I was desperately struggling. 


Believe in your work. 

Life is one indivisible whole – you can’t do right in one area while attempting to do wrong in a different area. 

Quality of Life is better than standard of living.

Enroll in Automobile University

You sell everyday of your life. 

Be patient with yourself: we are planting seeds and the harvest is worth the work. 

I thought you were going to trickle in. 

The important people go first. 

I am glad to meet you. I shall remember this day as long as I will live. 

There is difference between how things are and should be. 

Thank you for our many blessings. 

Grant our family good health and well-being. 

Allow us to forgive and let go. 

I am in the light after the tunnel

Eventually everything merges into one and the river runs through it. 

There is no middle ground. 

I choose beauty, love, sensitivity and concern. The desire to reach all others in a gentle, comforting, creative, healing way. 

I don’t repeat gossip, so listen carefully

We are all at different growth phases of human consciousness. 

I know that teaching has high leverage opportunities. 

I am living to giving. 

Sometimes people don’t change, but they need to catch up. 

Don’t hurry anything. Don’t worry about the future. Don’t worry about what progress you’re making. Just be entirely content to be aware of what is. 
Alan Watts

Nourish the memories. 

I had a rough day, I bent my library card. 

Self-talk is self-control, self direction, self responsibility in its most simple form. 

Create new ways to represent increases in creative opportunities. 

Much obliged. 

Simple presence; open heart. 

What is this place where thought is useless? Knowledge cannot fathom it. 

It is small, expensive, and invaluable. 

Step up to it! 

Ten percent of non-fiction books are not read past the first chapter. 

Learn value vs. cost. 

We hear what we listen for.

I was blinded by my commitment, I was stupid. 

What do you do?

I do nothing on the first date. 

People don’t wait long enough to recognize each other again. 

Do you want affirmations or useful information?

This is not an installment item. 

Live through a cloudy weather pattern. 

There is not a blemish on my name or background. 

Life is a gas. I can’t believe I get to do it.

If you can laugh as much as you cry; you can make it through life. 

How about that! 

You’re a legend in your own mind. 

Try keeping my belly in bounds. 

No, I don’t understand, at all. 

Remembering is the mother of learning. 

I am colorful! 

Imagine that! 

I like it! 

She has my cell number, home number; but she does not have my hotel key. 

All of Life can be conceived symbolically as One Grand Cycle (12). 

By analogy, three important areas can be studied and compared within a circular framework:  Human Life, Nature, and Astrology

What is your favorite course to teach?  My next one

Imagine the vision of a time yet to come


Be strong now; be strong. 

I appreciate the kind thoughts. 

This is the only time there is. 

Be cheerful. Be enthusiastic. Give to others…”you make a living by what you earn; you live a life by giving.” 

Go to God first

Harness and Channel the energy.

We are perfectly imperfect. 

If you don’t bite the elephant, all the mosquitoes will. 

I’m not going home with her tail between my legs. 

That dame is one hell of a guy. 

Get good. Get better. Be at your Best

Can you keep a secret?  Good, because so can I

I am glad your mother is not here to hear you speak that way; thank god she’s dead. 

If you put my brains in a bird it would fly backward. 

I will give it some thought and let it marinate for awhile. 

Seek to manifest the invisible, inspired self.

I feel it, I know it; I believe it. 

Well, you were there, you saw it. 

With great beer comes great responsibility. 

I feel I am destined to achieve some great thing; what it is I don’t know. 

In my life, I have made many mistaken choices. I have selected persons, conditions, situations, thoughts, concepts, feelings. I have selected all manner of things to come and live in me; things that do not belong in me. There must be a way to erase or cancel these things which do not belong in my life. How?  RENUNCIATION or simply Denial.