A collection of “worldly winds.” Quotes, sayings, dialogue to move you through perceptual blockages and reveal new insights.


We are more often frightened than hurt; suffer more from imagination than reality. 


A real Sense of Power. 

Passion and conviction attracts others but there is a price. 

Our time is wavelength.

Watch out for the stingray on the ocean floor.

If you can jog their memory to adjust the reference. 

No alibis – No untrue stories trying to justify. 

I’m glad to say that it is all behind me. 

Keeping the Faith.

I donate books

The stiff necked won’t grow, they will not change. 

Trust in the Lord. 

I understand the dynamics and rhythm of a week.

Fear does amazing things to a person and animals. 

Go Ahead! 

I know you can do it. I just want you to do it. 

This is unchartered territory. 

I was not proud of them, I was proud to be a part of us. 

You can and I want you to do it. 

How do you live that extra day? 

How would you prefer to live this day? 

Earn Fractional Ownership. 

The wave will overcome any barrier. 

Stop the old men from dreaming up new wars to kill young people. 

Do what’s naturally comfortable to your body. 

Be Flow.  

You can’t coach him/her. That’s the it factor. 

Crisis means “turning point.” Danger and opportunity 

Move to consequences. 

Live a peaceful and quiet life when you can. 

Laws of Economics—the how and why in Human Psychology and Human Action. 

Peace is preferable with trade, than trade with war. 

Independence is the bond that keeps us together.

Internalize and apply principles. 

We will never get through this unless we focus. 

When planning for posterity, virtue is not hereditary. 

What is Common Sense?

Don’t say anything – your words would be useless.

Live up!  

Live the lively activity of spirit. 

AM +PM = 43: Resolution/Choice. 

I act with complete confidence and assurance.

Look up- Believe in the invisible life. 

Compensate for his powerlessness? 

All ahead. Full. 

I am faster than thinking.

I am faster than you will ever be. 

That’s like bringing the pigeons to the cat. 

I’m a pick from heaven. 

You sounded civil. 

I do not require a cleansed mind state for my identity. 

Feed the Mind. 

I am going to feel uncomfortable for the next few days. 

Say NO to the untrue and undesirable. 

Don’t try to lure me in into some circular logic.

A waterfall flows into the River Banyas, one of the source streams of the Jordan in upper Galilee, located close to Mount Herman. 

It’s an above average example. 

Life’s been good to me so far.

I am just moving along. 

Feel yourself into transition or transformation.

I’m exploring new ways to hold our family together, let alone a circle of friends. 

My Good Nature is to not be mistaken for further interest. 

Embrace Silence.

Trust in your Divinity. 

God gives us guidance and strength. He wants us to be who we were created to be. 

Exercise Simplicity. 

Check in with yourself beautiful. 

Love yourself so you can give yourself away. 

Love me good and be true. 

I was surprised, but I regrouped. 

You must let go of your past, in order to make room for your future. 

I rise early and ride a stationary lifecycle.

Cooperative. Discipline. Creative. 

Next time you want to time something, let the sand come out of your head. 

What are the winds of time? Winds of sound. 

Increase your personal and Professional Development. 

Get back before I shave half your mustache and shove it up your left nostril. 

Those were tough chances. 

Let’s begin to jumpstart those brain waves. 

What do you tell your team at halftime? “I tell them to win the football game.”  

Everybody remain as you were. 

I am not going into how that can be done. 

Fifty thousand feet is where archangels fly. 

If you want to look thin hang around fat people.

The business of America is business. 

What penmanship. 

I can accept that you’re completely regressed.

I act with complete confidence and assurance. 

What are the winds of time; Winds of sound. 

New Innovators =  Me incorporated.

Be a lifelong learner. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day; it took several hundred years. 

That’s it boys, you’ve got that champions look.

I don’t know who you are so sit down and shut up! 

Good teacher; He seems to care. About what, I have no idea.