A dialogue of random treasure quotes, sayings, to reach inside and pull your self out of you.

Lead by Example.

Ignore the NOISE!

Speak for yourself.

Always be loyal to those who are not present.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are. While your reputation is merely what others think you are.

If you are not making any mistakes, then you are not doing anything. I am positive that a doer makes mistakes.

You cannot let praise or criticism get to you. It is a weakness to get caught up in either one. Do not allow what you cannot do to interfere with what you can do.

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes CHARACTER to keep you there.

You had what it took to get into my office, the real question now is do you have what it takes to stay?

If you do not have time to make it right, when will you have time to do it over?

Do not measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but what you should have accomplished with your ability.

Success comes from a knowing that I did my best and to become the best that I am capable of becoming.

I am just making my way through.

It is the little details that matter. They allow big things to happen.

Apply what you know, now in the moment.

Be at ease in your own shell.

A legend is being booed while you are playing, then raising you on a pedestal when you are dead.

Do you know who the hell I am!

You get numb to life, numb to pain. Be comfortably numb.

Long story, I do not want to retell it.

You are a real jewel.


See no combat.

Rise above my roots.

I am much resilient and adaptable.

Have the time of your life.

My writing is flowing through me.

Trust whole faith.

I never thought I would be a writer because the feedback I received in school and college was that my writing was not academic, which means that you can understand it.

“How are you man? I am having a stroke.”

If it is too hot in the kitchen, stay away from the cook.

The weather outside is weather.

I am a well adjusted man.

Sort out the various opportunity presented to you to increase your wealth.

What a world.

I was it.

Now, they are sucking at my knee caps.

Integrate into the workforce.

That is the real rub.

Nature demands balance in temperament.

Just consider this.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

My position is intenable.

Move to the picture that meets the eye.

You are one tough son of a bitch.

Nature not Profit.

Be at the dawn of the light passages.

Teach. Guide. Lead. Coach.

I gave it its due attention.

Roll the dice and take your chances.

I am just side stepping a few land mines.

Please tell me that you have more information.

I treat everybody the same, but differently.

Nice day if it does not rain.

This is the shits. This is for the birds.

What is behind the smile?

Why don’t you dry up and blow away.

I am steadily rising.

Become giving, noble, devoted.

Dummy up!

You are scraping a nerve.

Do you want to play checkers?

Life is Energy, Transformation, and Intelligence.

It is a marvelous system.

Wisdom is not Information- books, education, and even experience will not give you wisdom; Information, yes; but not wisdom.

Gaining wisdom is to let go of old surface ideas.

Empty your previous programming.

Do not wait for me.

Feel the deepest penetration.

My turn, I am a positive person and want to catch someone doing something right.

Win, vanquish.

Listen to the Royal scam.

Become relaxed again.

We are moving from an asyntric to a syntric level of technology= DVR.

Remember the human element.

I can run like a spooked deer.

With wisdom there is NO FEAR, worry, anger, hatred, sorrow, self pity, or resentment or gloom, or even depression cannot exist.